Andersen Alumni on the Move

+ Follow us on our LinkedIn Company Page for the latest information on fellow alumni on the move. Below is a list of Alumni that made recent career moves. If you have recently changed jobs and would like to share your good news with other Alumni, please email details to Please wish these Alumni best in their new ventures.

Matt Hallgren

Christine Matthews

Marty Moore

Angelo Mazzocco

Grégoire Imfeld

Steve Torres

Eric Hodge

Brian DelGhiacco

Doug Comai

Dave Morgan

Frank Manion

Wayne Pensky

Larry Callahan

Lee Williams

Frederic Steunou

Mike MacLean

Henry Moomaw

Tony Cossetti

Jim Brinkman

Denise Dombay

Allison Peabody

Barbara Bitzer

Ted Morris

David Zwick

Craig Holmes

Brian Mueller

Dexter Cartwright

Roderick (Rod) MacLeod